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From high throughput screening at the benchtop to low-cost production at commercial scale, Opera has designed a microbe that will help you bring your proteins from the lab to production.

Reduction of fermentation steps down to the minimum - current bacterial protein manufacturing process from fermentation to separation of cells and medium has multiple purification steps including waste products, cells to lysis, soluble lysate, refolding insoluble fractions and purifications columns leading to the product. These add 50-80% of the costs, double production time, and lose 50% of protein made. Opera's process takes these same steps and can reduce the purification steps down to just purification columns to get the product, reducing the wasted cost, time, and protein from the current state of the art.

We've engineered our bacterial strain to be as versatile and robust as E. coli protein expression, but with the ability to fully-secrete correctly folded proteins. That means you can make the same proteins you are currently making in the lab with less purification to get what you need. How does Opera's platform benefit you?1) Less time on expression and purification you gain more time to design and test your proteins.2) Faster tech transfer - your protein is ready for scaled up production3)Fewer purification steps - you save money on the production process at all levels

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